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401(k) Solutions
for Your Future

We specialize in customized qualified plan solutions for small businesses while helping plan sponsors manage their fiduciary obligations. We do things differently because we want your plan to be successful for the owners and for all participants.

Maximize the plan sponsor’s savings goals and objectives.

Provide unparalleled, ongoing service to the business owner and education to the participants in the plan.

Help the plan sponsor meet their fiduciary obligations.

401(k) Solutions

401(k) Solutions

The BluePrint Process

T. Sapp Financial Partners is unique in the 401(k) plan world. Many advisors do not have a formal process to evaluate and manage 401(k) plans on an ongoing basis—but that’s our specialty. Our 401(k) Blueprint involves a  three part process to evaluate and manage your 401(k) plan for the success of the business owners and all plan participants.  

Our robust 401(k) Blueprint review process  allows us to ask key questions to understand the original goals  and objectives of your plan and our ongoing service model helps you stay on track to pursue them.  

Client Centered

The 401(k) Blueprint Checklist

  • Are you receiving guidance on managing your fiduciary risk as a plan sponsor?
  • Does your current plan sponsor serve as a 3(21) or a 3(38) fiduciary?
  • Is your investment analysis independent from your providers?
  • Do you have a policy and process around the investments your plan?
  • Does your advisor provide a service commitment agreement for their services?
  • How many of your plan participants are on track to financially retire?

The 401(k) BluePrint Process

  • Initial Plan Review

    Discovery meeting: Learn more about your original objectives of your plan and review our proprietary, 18-point checklist to understand how you are meeting them and to evaluate your plan. 

    Plan evaluation: 

    • Plan design: Work with your TPA to review current plan design to ensure that the plan goals and objectives are being met.

    • Investment process: Review your Investment Policy Statement and investment lineup to confirm that it aligns with the objectives of the plan.

    • Investment analysis: We provide a comprehensive system to monitor and evaluate fund manager, investment strategies and fund performance. 

    • Plan fee benchmark: Evaluate and benchmark plan fees to ensure they are reasonable and competitive.

    • Participant education: Evaluate participant retirement readiness and develop a communication and education plan to support their path to retirement.

    • Fiduciary review: Help fiduciaries understand their responsibilities and implement processes to minimize risk.

    Assessment and Recommendations: We lastly provide a professional assessment of your plan and your existing fiduciary structure and develop a blueprint specifically designed to get you to where you ultimately want to be.

  • Consulting Services and
    Participant Education

    Quarterly review: We partner with your service provider to review plan investment options and compare these against peers and benchmarks.

    Education: We conduct employee re-enrollment and continuing education meetings on an annual basis or more frequently as needed.

    Consultation: We provide consulting services for terminated or retired participants.

  • Annual State of the Plan Review

    Formal review of:

    - Plan service and administration

    - Determine any plan document changes

    - Investment performance and Investment Policy Statement

    - Participant activity

    - Communication and educational needs

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