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You are unique. That’s why your financial plan will look different from anyone else’s. Whether you’re hoping to secure the future of your business or retire with confidence, we provide a roadmap with time tested solutions for individuals and businesses completely customized to your goals.

Find Personal
Financial Freedom

We believe individuals and families deserve access to a financial planner who can honestly assess their situation and offer guidance based on where they are. That’s why we offer solutions with the flexibility and financial experience to grow with you, as life changes. With over two  decades of experience doing just that, our services for  female go-getters, physicians, corporate execs and business leaders  include Holistic Financial Planning, Investment Management and Project Plan Financial Consulting.  Are you ready to take the next step to help secure your financial future? Learn more about how we can do this together.

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  • Holistic Financial Planning

    Are you on track for retirement? Are your assets protected? Will your family be taken care of if you can't work? We consider your most important questions and help you arrive at the right answers to deliver The Wealth Strategy Financial Plan. This practical, actionable fee-based financial plan is custom tailored to your unique financial situation, delivering the guidance and tools for your financial success.


  • Wealth Management 

    We invest in what really matters: you. That’s because we believe a purposeful, highly personalized investment strategy is truly the best way to pursue your goals. We don’t try to “time the market” or depend on passing fads to control market outcomes. Rather, we approach investments with a proper match of strategy, your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and an appropriate asset allocation designed to weather varying markets over time.

    We know this is personal. That’s why we act as your coach, striving to keep you focused on a disciplined investment plan so that you have the financial confidence to stay on track to pursue your goals.

  • Project Plan Financial Consulting

    While we believe that financial planning is at the core of achieving financial success, we recognize that you may not have a current need for a full, financial plan. We consult with these clients to provide guidance on specific solutions, a particular situation or goal around targeted issues of concern.  We start with  an initial review to determine the scope of the project and through  a simple, hourly fee arrangement, review your information and make objective recommendations on your next steps. The engagement may be one time or over several months and you walk away with a completely objective, professional analysis of your unique situation with options to consider for implementation, however you best see fit.

Solutions for Businesses

Boost Your Business

Proper planning is so important to ensure that your business is protected while positioned for growth. And for most owners, the success of the business and its' future transfer,  is critical for a solid retirement.  That’s where we come in—together, with our team of specialists –to offer proven solutions that reward owners and key employees, protect the business and empower employees.

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  • Retirement Plans

    Your employees’ financial security is likely centered around your company’s retirement plan. A properly designed company retirement plan can not only benefit the employees—it can also be a major asset to the owners. We evaluate all qualified plan options to develop a comprehensive retirement program that maximizes contributions to the owners while providing employees and key people tools to save for their own retirement, including:

    • 401(k) Plans and Employee Education
    • 401(k) Excess Plans
    • 403(b)
    • Profit Sharing Plans
    • Cash Balance Plans
    • Defined Benefit Plans

    Learn more about our proprietary 401(k) evaluation process and service model.

  • Executive Benefits

    Attracting and retaining top talent has become more challenging than ever. Talented employees are seeking a total benefits package that goes beyond a competitive salary. They want financial security for their family and for their retirement. A carefully designed Executive Benefits package with specialized insurance and retirement benefits can help you stand apart from your competitors and win over your top prospects.

  • Informal Business Valuation

    Knowing the value of your business is the first step in protecting your business, your key employees—and even your lifestyle. In collaboration with one of our many strategic partners, we will present an Informal Business Valuation using the five IRS-accepted methods to determine a value of the business to help safeguard the future success of the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

  • Key Person Planning

    How will you recover from the unexpected loss of top talent? Would the business be as successful without one of your key people? Key Person Insurance provides a simple and efficient solution to ease the financial burden of the loss of one of your most valuable assets—the key people that contribute to your success.

  • Buy Sell Review
    Having a plan in place to ensure that your business transfers to the right person when death, departure or disability of an owner occurs is fundamental to every sound business plan. A properly funded and current buy-sell agreement lets you know that you have the right amount of money for your business, when it’s needed most. Our Buy/Sell review process will help you determine that your plan is adequately structured and funded to keep your business running when a crisis occurs.
  • Retirement Plan Education for employees

    We provide your 401(k) plan participants with the hands-on educational information and tools they need to make the right decisions for their future.

    Learn more about our proprietary 401(k) evaluation process and service model.

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